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Decently Priced Jaipur Call Girls - Starting From Rs 4000 A Night 

It is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Find the hottest collection of girls at optimal rates which are far less than the beauty of call girls in Jaipur by Deepti.  Pick out a variety of girls from the collection available at different rates. Check out the rates underneath- 

Norms Concerned With Rates –

  • Rates are fixed
  • Rates aren’t open to any negotiation
  • The amount can be reduced by making a variation in the duration booked.
  • Clients aren’t allowed to book babes less than 1-hour duration and 1 shot.

Prices of escorts may be paid at any juncture from booking to the end of the meeting.

Different Payment Gateways By Deepti Solanki –

Deepti Solanki exhibits a completely flexible approach towards payment of the dues for the services of the client. You may hand over the dues of escorts to clients or the agency at any point before the meeting gets over. You may pay the full amount either to the client or the agency directly. Please confirm with the agency first transferring money to the escort. The call girl service in Jaipur accepts money through the following gateways-

  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallet payment
  • Union money transfer or pay pall for foreign clients

Cash On Delivery (COD) Only In Indian Currency 

Jaipur call girl service accepts payment through cash on delivery on meeting clients at a venue fixed. In the case you opt for payment via cash to clients, you are supposed to pay in Indian currency only. The transaction isn’t accepted in other currencies.


We request our clients to be a gentleman by handing over the money to our call girls with due respect and in polite gestures.